Encourage better hand hygiene


Max's hand washing school

We believe it’s important that information on effective hand washing is given to children early in their lives. Hands spread germs quickly, particularly in places where many people come together, such as kindergartens and schools. That’s why we’re supporting primary schools to give their students an awareness of hand hygiene, with support from Max and his friends.

The importance of hand washing

Proper hand washing isn’t easy. It’s important that children clean the backs and palms, between their fingers, and also their fingernails, in order to stop germs from spreading. Max’s tips and tricks will guide them through the correct routine, and make it fun along the way!

Learning through play

Children will playfully learn how to thoroughly wash and dry their hands, what microbes are, and much more. They’ll think up stories, solve tricky arithmetic problems, carry out writing exercises, and perform exciting experiments.

Max’s learning materials

Max’s hand washing school learning materials are part of SCA’s work to promote better hand hygiene in schools. Apply to Tork to receive teaching materials that support with the communication around hand washing.
For children:
• An educational booklet, suitable for third and fourth academic years
• Includes information on how they can stay healthy, and inspiring exercise
For teachers:
• A folder filled with classroom activities
• Engaging supportive materials, including posters, stickers to reinforce the message
For parents and carers:
• An informative booklet that complements other learning materials

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